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Designed For Up & Coming ODs

A Compilation Course Designed Around

The Two Most Important Areas For A New OD

Each year the KMK team hears from new ODs about the many challenges they experience as they enter their first year as an OD.  It can be challenging to take all the information you learned in school and apply it right away in your new job.  What code, 99 or 92, is appropriate?  Am I putting the office at risk for an audit?  What information is relevant and am I up to date on the most critical conditions and treatments?

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Code & Diagnose Like A Pro

KMK Career Builder® is a compilation course that combines two professional resources to help our new colleagues feel empowered and confident to start their career, interviews, or residencies. 

1. The 2018 KMK Update®, a book designed to present practicing ODs with clear, organized, clinically-relevant pearls. The KMK Career Builder bundle includes the newest version. KMK Update has sold over 2,000 copies worldwide. Learn more >

2. KMK Billing & Coding® is a course created to help ODs master coding through best-practices to minimize risks and maximize patient revenue. The course cautions against potential audit risks and helps identify and understand the proper and best use of 99 vs. 92 codes. See course details

Take The Next Step 

Many of us graduated optometry school and went straight into our optometric careers. 

Others entered residency first, but perhaps focused on one main topic, such as contact lenses, vision therapy, or low vision. 


However, almost all of us have shared experiences of freak-out moments of failure or uncertainty with a patient care decision. 


What does this patient have? 

Do I observe? Do I refer? 

Did I miss something? Am I liable? 


Having a course designed to tackle some of the most difficult aspects of our profession is the perfect way to kick-start your career.


KMK Career Builder

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The KMK Update®

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