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Each year the KMK team hears from new ODs about the many challenges they experience as they enter their first year as an OD.  It can be challenging for all of us to take all the information you learned in school and apply it right away in your new job.  What code, 99 or 92, is appropriate?  Am I putting the office at risk for an audit?  What information is relevant and am I up to date on the most critical conditions and treatments?

A New Generation Of Optometric Education

Normally it would take years to completely understand the intricacies of Optometric billing & coding. Trying to maximize your value to a practice while staying on top of all the latest research, products and trends can daunting. 

KMK's goal was design a course that attacked the two biggest areas new ODs feel the most anxiety. How should I bill? And, how can I provide the best care for my patients?

KMK Career Builder® takes a simplified, unbiased approach to helping new ODs dominate these two areas in the exam lane. 

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Immediate Clinical Application 

All KMK resources are built to be on-demand and designed for immediate clinical application. KMK takes an unbiased approach to clinical education by never accepting sponsorships or funds from outside companies. 

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